Mission & Objectives

CRA supports sound cannabis policies in California, and the candidates, initiatives and regulations that govern such policies, that protect the environment, enhance public safety, offer education, and are fiscally responsible in order to protect the rights of all people to fair treatment under state and local law.

Environment: To support environmentally protective policy and best practices for both indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Public Safety: To educate policy makers of the impact of cannabis regulations on patients, minorities, youth and the poor and to advocate for consistent and just enforcement procedures by all agencies, including the District Attorney, the Sheriff, and the Police Chiefs of the nine Sonoma County municipalities.

Education: To inform the public regarding candidate positions, current and proposed cannabis initiatives and policy, and their consequences for patients, caregivers and their collectives.

Fiscal Responsibility: Review current and proposed cannabis policies for fiscal responsibility and the impact on our local judicial, governmental and social systems.

Patients’ Rights: To be a voice for local medical cannabis patients and support safe and affordable access to medicinal cannabis, a right granted under Proposition 215.